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the Inverse house: AIA Homes Tour 2021

Lindsey Hanna Design is proud to be a part of the AIA Austin Homes Tour!

LHD's collaboration with MF Architecture and our clients, Chris and Leah Petri, began in the Fall of 2017. The Petris purchased a dated and funky 1980s garden-style home that backed to Austin Country Club's golf course. They had a vision for a modernized structure that reflected their love for playing outdoors, entertaining year round, and enjoying quiet family time together.


Over the course of a year, LHD responded to the volumes that MF Architecture developed, and tuned in to the clients' intentions for the home. LHD refined and redefined the materials, palette, and function of each space. LHD was engaged through the construction process, working with the talented team at Melde Construction company to execute the vision.  

Many of the furnishings and accessories at the Inverse House were composed and collected by LHD. The cabinet in the entry hall was is a custom design and collaboration with Shota Yamaguchi, SYD Design. 

Thank you for supporting AIA Austin by attending this tour.

And, please enjoy the evolution of these three spaces in the timelines below! 



dusk2411 1.jpg


Casey Dunn Photography


Why is this the Inverse House? Well, for starters, this kitchen was once the primary bedroom! Just off the living space, on the main level. Follow along to see how the kitchen design evolved! 



Casey Dunn Photography


This lovely, light-filled bathroom was once a dark and dated kitchen. No more pots and pans, but plenty of plaster and marble and glam. Click to see its story!



Casey Dunn Photography


This multi-purpose room is pulling its weight as a guest room, office, and luxe hang for our client and her besties. Can you keep a secret? It used to be the utility room! See how this luscious and layered look came to be! Check out HER space and HIS space here!  

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