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Are you ready for a little fun?  Team meetings for the Inverse House were always something to look forward to... whether we were 

joking about dipping rooms in brass or joking about which doors get privacy locks. (It was a thing!)  I am grateful for clients and teammates that can enjoy the process- and the people! The two smallest rooms at The Inverse House are designed to be HIS and HERS. And in these small spaces, LHD packed in a LOT of personality and function. 

HER "Ladies' Lounge" (Mind that apostrophe!) is an office, an entry, a guest room, a tv room, and I imagine it being full of laughter and giggles when good friends get together. When the paint went up, the furnishings weren't in... and I think we were all a little stunned at how a subtle, peachy pink could make a strong statement. It met its match when the plum playground sofa rolled into town. Apricot and sky blue textiles give a sense of daring against that earthy plum. A painterly rug and a patterned grasscloth ceiling vibrate across the horizontal planes of the space, making those pink walls seem suddenly serene. This room is a playground for pattern, color, texture and LIGHT. Cannot forget the lasso of rope light coiled and glowing on the wall. 

As a foil to the vibrant energy of Her Lounge, HIS Lounge is exactly what you would want after a hot day on the golf course. Deep tones of olive and teal and no evidence of the bright white walls that embody the rest of the home. A wood slat wall in a custom-weathered stain conceals a door that leads to a secret stash. A worn leather sofa that the family has had "forever" fits in snugly for tv viewing and lounging. Bold-striped wooly ottomans and a built in storage system with a reclaimed wood topped desk round out the cozy space. This is a place to chill and to work, and its become a favorite spot for the couples' teenaged kiddos too. And, its literally where he hangs his hat. 

What fun it was to layer these lounges with all the charm and character of their inhabitants! 

Enjoy the documentation of the design process... Flip through the photos and double click for a better look!  

Finishes for HIS Lounge coming together...
Cabinet and shelving concepts
Love the way the slat wall turned out... it brings such good texture to the room!
Fun forms and all the playful things in this design board for HER Lounge.
Narrowing in on the feel...
A place where more is more!
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