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True strength is delicate. - Louise Nevelson

Lindsey Hanna Design LLC is founded on the principle that a home is enhanced by the thoughtful selection and arrangement of its elements.  


My own home is part art studio, part laboratory... a shifting display of compositions and vignettes that interact within a functioning house. I hope to impart upon my clients the same energy and inspiration- and the idea that objects in the home are not static. 


Harmonious spaces relax us. Layered spaces draw us in and make our mind curious. Spare spaces give us pause for thought. Through initial design meetings, I seek out what my clients wish to gain from their space- and then I build the design around them. 


In my work, I aim to make the "normal" special. I aim to make the "functional" interesting. I aim to make the home a place that inspires life. 

Lindsey Hanna Design is my creative outlet as well as my career. And I believe that the true strength of interior design lies in the minute and personal details that reflect our ever-changing lives.