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the STUDIO​: 

at home in the ATX

Lindsey Hanna Design brings a fresh and thoughtful approach to interior remodels and residential construction.  LHD works closely with clients to create spaces that are honest, relatable, and ever-so-perfectly unpredictable. 

LHD enjoys guiding clients through the process of remodel and construction, developing a scope of work that is respectful of budget, timeline, and context... all the while providing a language of design that delights the eye and the mind. 

 LHD's design work dovetails with an architect's scope, providing detail and specifics that bring the spaces to fruition. LHD works collaboratively with contractors, tradespeople, artisans, and vendors to provide you with the best possible project timeline and flow. 

When its time to explore furnishings, we weave in your existing pieces, vintage and antique items, custom creations, and selections from retail and trade-only vendors. 

We'd love to connect early with people who are planning a remodel or build in late 2023.



Austin, TX 



AIA AUSTIN HOMES TOUR 2022: The Wildflower House// Collaboration with Erica Heroy Architect

Gottesman Residential Blog Jan 2021 & 2022: GOTSTYLE

AIA Austin Home Tour 2021: Inverse House// Collaboration with MF Architecture

Tribeza Magazine// Architecture Issue/ October 2021// Home on the Range by Veronica Meewes

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