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Completed 2019

LINDSEY HANNA DESIGN, ERICA HEROY ARCHITECTURE & DESIGN and MEK HOMES are proud to present The Wildflower House at AIA Austin Homes Tour 2022.  An extensive residential remodel of a 1950s traditional ranch home, The Wildflower House is a lively playground of color, texture, pattern and form. Heroy's intuitive grasp of human scale and the patterns

of family life dovetails with the playful banter of fixtures and finishes selected

by Lindsey Hanna.  The family's quirky collection of contemporary Texan art and furnishings cross all boundaries of style and are in constant shuffle- nothing is fixed in place. The surrounding wild gardens thoughtfully considered by Studio Balcones are inspired by the High Line's landscape architect Piet Oudolf. A Donald Judd inspired front court, a striking pool by Texas Tiny Pools and decking and landscape installed by DIG Austin Gardens round out the outdoor entertaining areas. The Wildflower House was a joy to design and represents a confluence of design principles, with the most important one being that it bring comfort, happiness and inspiration to its inhabitants.

Photos by Leonid Furmansky for AIA Austin & Andrea Calo

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